Working Group 2

In this working group participating member countries summarized their current
methodologies and procedures in regards to work studies, the current sampling methods and standard measurements for different types of forest energy material. The purpose was to a) survey; b) analyze, c) categorize and b) compare the different and numerous work study methodology, sampling methods and standard measurement approaches in participating countries. Based on the results the working group provided a set of methods that researchers can choose from depending on local conditions. 

The GPG was posted on website and it is now available for free download to anyone interested.

Parallel to the development of the GPG, a review study has been launched to explore current work study methodologies, trends, techniques and conceptual approaches. 


WG Leaders

Natascia Magagnotti, CNR Ivalsa Firenze


Raffaele Spinelli, CNR Ivalsa Firenze



List of participants

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