Forest Energy Portal

The “Forest Energy Portal” will become a networking and knowledge platform for researchers and interested stakeholders in the field of Forest Biomass for Energy.

The “Forest Energy Portal” is developed and maintained by COST Action FP0902 “Development and harmonization of new operational research and forest assessment procedures for sustainable forest biomass supply” and the “Metsäenergia” project. However, the Portal is meant to serve the research community at large and other stakeholders in the field.

In the following weeks the “Forest Energy Portal” is going to be updated with a social networking platform a blog and most important a new and innovative peer reviewed online journal to meet the demands for up to date high quality research results of this expanding research community and industry.

The success of the “Forest Energy Portal” will depend on the contribution and active participation of all involved stakeholders. Therefore, we appreciate all comments and feedback. Please inform us if you have some information, news and events that you would like to add to the site.

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