The Forest Energy Observer

The “Forest Energy Observer” is a new and innovative publication tool to disseminate up-to-date
research results about the production and utilization of forest biomass for energy. The “Forest
Energy Observer” will provide a publication platform for study reports, infocards, presentations
and other project publications from projects such as “ForestEnergy2020”, “Infres” and “REMOTE”.


The categories of publications available in the “Forest Energy Observer” are:
Journal of Forest Energy Forest Energy Observer:
Forest Energy Observer publications include various publications with the subcategories “Study Reports”, “Infocards” and “Presentations”
Study Reports  Study Reports:
Study reports include the publication of original and initial research results, Short Term Scientific Mission results, excursion reports.
Infocards Infocards:
Inforcards are 2 page reports about interesting case studies or summaries regarding the utilization of forest biomass for energy
Presentations Presentations:
In this category presentations dealing with the use of forest biomass are published.

ForestEnergy2020 is the five year (2012-2016) joint research and innovation programme at METLA (Finnish Forest Research Institute) and VTT (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland).


‘Innovative and effective technology and logistics for forest residual biomass supply in the EU –INFRES’. The project is funded from the EU’s 7th framework programme.


REMOTE – Renewable Energy Training and Demonstration Network for Remote Communities in the NPP Area - is a project funded under the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP).