Good practice guidelines (GPG) for time studies

Good practice guidelines (GPG) for time studies have been produced in 2012 by an international group of experts, operating within the framework of COST Action FP0902. The new guidelines are specifically designed for time studies of biomass harvesting operations, but they are fit for general use and can be applied to many other fields where time studies are needed. Guidelines cover the whole time study, from study design to final report, through actual field measurement and data analysis. The GPG have been tested in the field and approved by independent reviewers. They are freely available and have been adopted by many scientific institutions worldwide. The GPG offer a good introductory reading to anyone who has interest in performing time studies. 

You can download the GPG here.

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The leading authors are Natascia Magagnotti and Raffaelle Spinelli.
This survey is constructed by Florian Zormaier with technical support of Christian Kanzian.

The feedback survey can be found here.


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