Forest Energy Glossary

The "Forest Energy Glossary" presented has been produced within the framework of COST Action FP0902. The purpose was to develop a common and official terminology for forest biomass operations. As outcome of Working Group 1 within the COST Action FP0902, a database of commonly used terms and units related to the use of forest biomass for energy has been established and a unified terminology has been created.

The Forest Energy Glossary is the final version as part of the COST Action FP0902 Working Group 1 outcome and displays a key result of the COST Action FP0902.

You can download the Forest Energy Glossary here. 

"Download the application Here (ZIP Package)" 


For more information please contact the authors or the Chair of the Action:


Radomir Klvac

WG 1, Cost Action FP0902



Robert Prinz

Chair, Cost Action FP0902

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